The Pet Food Association of Canada (PFAC) is an industry association comprised of pet food manufacturers and companies that supply materials or services to the pet food manufacturing industry.  Our members are committed to producing wholesome and nutritious foods for pets in Canada and around the world.


To instill in the Canadian consumer confidence about the wholesomeness and quality of commercially-prepared pet foods through the development and promotion of the highest standards in pet food manufacturing.


  • To be the unified voice for Canadian pet food manufacturers to government agencies and other organizations and individuals in activities pertaining to the pet food industry in Canada.
  • To be a central resource for members relating to industry issues and to provide forums for the discussion and resolution of those issues.
  • To impart to the general public the positions and standards of the Association pertaining to commercially-prepared pet foods.


  • To actively participate in the development of standards, guidelines and regulatory initiatives pertaining to the pet food industry.
  • To facilitate forums for members to participate in the discussion of industry issues and to provide current information to members as issues develop.
  • To develop Association policies and statements pertaining to standards and other related issues and to disseminate those to the general public in a manner deemed most timely and appropriate.