Canada is a nation of pet lovers. More than one quarter of Canadian households own at least one dog and one third of Canadian households own at least one cat. One in ten households has at least one cat and one dog – that’s over 13.7 million pets nationwide.

Most pet owners consider their pets as part of the family and are very interested in their pet’s health and wellbeing, including what they eat.

Canada has a strong pet food industry. According to Euromonitor International, more than 480,000 tonnes of pet food is sold in Canada annually. In 2014, Canadian sales of cat and dog food reached $1.84 Billion.

The majority of Canadian pet food manufacturing is located in Ontario, although there are manufacturers across the country. The Canadian industry currently employs approximately 2050 people.

Canada’s pet food manufacturers are committed to preparing foods that consistently meet pets’ nutritional needs.

Over 70% of dog and cat food sold in Canada is purchased through pet shops, superstores and grocery stores. Select types of pet food are available for sale only through veterinary clinics.

If you cannot find your pet’s favourite food at your local store, try consulting our members’ websites for their distribution locations and/or contact information.